Call me Soffaa! ;D
I like stories.
I'm lazy XD
Time To Rest The Past and A Spooky Year are based on true stories :D
Drop me a message any time :') I'd be happy to reply when i can ^.^
I'm British
I love Bubble Pop Tea <3
I like trains.
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Soffaa Soffaa Jan 09, 2014 07:19PM
Hello again everyone :) It's been a while since you lot last heard from me. Here's an update.
            So, I am no longer with the guy named Chris as you guessed if you looked at my bio. I am now dating a guy...
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I Met Him.

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Description: Moving from America to England is never easy. It's twice as difficult when a certain killer follows to your new house and keeps coming back. Night after night Celeste is greeted by a stranger who turns out to...


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A Spooky Year.

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Time To Rest The Past.

Time To Rest The Past.

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Sophie's five best friends, who she met outside of school pass away. All different reasons and all diffe...

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Story Reading List

Story Reading List