Good Morning everyone! 
          	I would like to apologize for my absence, I was not motivated to write but after recollecting my thoughts and reading a few other Who Made Me a Princess stories, I’ve decided to continue the book. I was thinking of discontinuing it since I was not satisfied with my writing in that book, however leaving you all with only 5 chapters would be mean of me hahahaha. I hope you all will stay with me and Atanas through his journey! 


@SocietyMenace I just found your book today, its so good!. Poor Atanas just want affection. Anyways take your time Updating jt! ♡♡


@SocietyMenace yayy thank you I think I was gonna die-


@ SocietyMenace  Yippe! I thought you were never going to update any more, over all welcome back! 


Hope you're alright author please update pressure


Author loved your stories 
          Please update 
          Hope your alright
          No pressure but please be well


I love you and your writing style, question tho
          Are you really addicted to angst???


Author I miss u 


author i just saw your story AND ITS BLOODY AMAZING, i hope you'll update soon! 
          no pressure


Please update soon author nim.....this story... F*****G AMAZING...
          I can't i can't......I need to know what happened next so please update soon 
          I'm waiting.... Fighting Author nim


Hi author,i would like to say that you're book is amazing and..............WHEN WILL YOU UPDATE?..... IM IN PATIENT.....jk no pressure author, i hope you are healthy..byeeeeeeee!
          Ps. IM WAITING


Yellow Author I was wondering when you will update your story since I look forward to it.. Stay safe and take care of yourself...


Hello author can i ask if you will still continue the story and when will you update.... No pressure author