Just a few pointers about myself:

I love writing
I'm REALLY random
I'm not emo or preppy or anything of the type
I have emo, goth, preppy friends, you name it. I happen to get along with everyone just fine
Insult me or my friends and I'll mess you up
I'm actually pretty nice(ignoring the previous comment)
music is my life
I enjoy roleplaying
and i love hanging out with my friends :)

whaaat else?

I've been writing stories ever since I was...8? But I never get around to finishing them because I lose inspiration, unfortunately. Plus I'm EXTREMELY busy.
I think High School is awesome, even as a freshman. I mean, I still get to hang out with the seniors and juniors out of school, and I make friends real easily, so what's not to like?

I'm one of the fastest reader EVERR I haven't met anybody who could read faster than me. if you have some kind of personal record, do share it with me XD ;)

I'm a pathological flirt. Unfortunately.

And I love to meet new people :)
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SocialRebelGirl SocialRebelGirl Sep 28, 2010 01:44AM
Guys... I am so busy it's not even funnyy..... I won't be uploading the kidnapped story anytime soon....
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Ok...So my friend's a vampire and he wants to kill me, now what!?

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