• I blow out the candles June 4th
• I am 17
• Senior in high school
• My main goal in life is to be rich
• Fanfiction completes my existence
• I just love writing
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    The US of A
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SocialButterfly21 SocialButterfly21 Aug 13, 2015 07:23AM
tbh I want to delete all these stories I've post like what 3-4 years ago? I'm just rereading I've ever published and still queued in my drafts and they're not pretty. Like I should republish everythi...
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I Miss You, Asshole.

Social data: 273K reads. 3.3K votes. 406 comments.

Description: Meet Hazel. She's a naive, teen-aged girl starting off at a new school during senior year, you've all been to high school. You know how crude teens can get. And it doesn't get any better for Hazel. Meet Logan...

30 Parts - Completed

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My One and a Half Roommate

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Chris Taylor has lived in the lap of luxery since he was born. But because of his rebellion, he's been o...

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A Predicament

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A homosexual, a bisexual, and a lesbian share an apartment - it's quite the predicament.

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