You may call me Micky!!

Interesting Facts about Me:

- I love going to the beach.
- Camping and going for bush walks are awesome.
- Love my BMX bike, Penny and my Ripstick.
- Getting out and about brightens my day, so as long as I don’t have to stay in one place for too long, I’m good

- I love reading, I have a book shelf fall of books (a good proportion of them I haven’t read yet – But I keep buying more).
- I love writing; it helps distract me from what’s happening in the real world.
- I like watching movies with my two pet budgies.
- I love playing Xbox with my brother, only if we play Call of Duty (Because I get to kill Zombies in that one – Though I’m not very good at it).

Alrightie time to talk about my stories:

- The Werewolf Chronicles:
- The Silver Eyes Pack:
- Bk 1: Second Chance
- N 1: The Omega's Story (Location: The Silver Eyes Pack: Novella's)

- Novella: The Replacement Mate (Location: The Silver Eyes Pack: Novella's)
- Book Two: Winning A Heart

- Bk 1: Do or Die


So that’s all. Please COMMENT/VOTE and FAN and I’ll give you a giant hug.

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Book Two: Winning A Heart

Social data: 1.9K reads. 140 votes. 8 comments.

Description: It's been a week since the members of The Copper Eyes Pack left to head back to their home and Amethyst is still adjusting to life with freedom, sharing a house with her brother and his mate, as well as sharin...


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Book One: Second Chance

Book One: Second Chance

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The Silver Eyes Pack: Novella's

The Silver Eyes Pack: Novella's

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Do or Die (Bk 1)

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