"WRITING is my THERAPY, when REALITY is my ENEMY. SMILE is my WEAPON against PAIN ^_____^"


1. Sometimes I talk a lot but most of the time I don't want to talk at all.

2. I'm fun to converse with during light talks but I can only endure heavy talks with close

3. I hate texting and the longest time I can stand talking to a phone call is ten minutes.

4. I love singing but singing hates me.

5.I enjoy hanging out with friends. But I need to have at least two days a week to be alone

6. Movies are my best friends. I'm into foreign films and I love Korean movies. I believe their writers are the best.


1. I don't give soft copies.

2. I write to please myself, to empty my crowded minds, and to release my mixture of emotions.

3. I don't kiss ass to the readers. If you like my writing, I appreciate it. But if you don't, so be it.

4. I love reading comments and messages (I guess all authors do lol). I don't usually reply but good comments stick on my mind. I'm thankful to both praises and criticisms.

THANK YOU. ^_____^


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I am a writer
Word is my life
Ink is my blood
Paragraph is my body
And idea is my soul.

I'm inspired on the things I heard,
In loved with the person I keep in touched with
and believed on the ideals that faith had provided.

I am me,
Myself and I
I am a Writer.

I am a musician
Notes are my soul
Music is my spirit
Melody is my heart
but I cant live without Harmony.

This is me,
a dream that once become true,
a perfection in thickness and hue.

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    Tampakan, South Cotabato, Philippines
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