Hey I'm sorry to say that I'm no longer on this site. However if you'd still like to know about the writer behind the works then I'll leave my little bio here for you.

Not really much to me really. I like to draw, sing, read, and obviously to write. Otherwise why would I be on here right? I'm pretty average compared to everybody else. I can be incredibly shy at first, but once I get to know you more watch out! I'm crazy- er well I'm a bit eccentric ^^' Unlike most people here, my goal is not to become a distinguished author of many famous books throughout the earth- no I'd much rather be a vet in some local clinic of mine out in the middle of nowhere who writes, draws and, sings as her hobbies. That being said, I absolutely love love LOVE animals of all shapes and sizes. Except for spiders ew. Tarantulas are cool though.

If you bother to look at my works then you'd see that I like Naruto. Of course I like other anime/manga as well, like SAO and AoT and One Piece and many many more.

I'm also one of the biggest procrastinators I know. Like I won't even get up to go eat sometimes, even if I haven't eaten all day. This is partly the reason why I haven't updated anything in over two years. Sorry 'bout that ^^;

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WotW- Wolves of the Wing [discontinued]

PSS- Poems and Short Stories [whenever I get the urge to write something irrelevant to anything else]
-- Currently working on: Nothing -- Status: Still Nothing

BAA- Beasts: Alive Again (Naruto Fan-fic) [under MAJOR revising]
-- Currently working on: Chapter 10 -- Status: Revising

(I do have some newer stories I was working on once upon a time and may surprise you all by posting them one day, though I doubt I'll ever finish them)
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SnowRose SnowRose Sep 02, 2015 12:44AM
So I've decided, after trying and failing to come back to this site for well over a year, that it'd just be best if I gave up on coming back here. I'll leave my account up for those who'd still like...
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Beasts: Alive Again (Naruto Fan-fic) by SnowRose
Beasts: Alive Again (Naruto Fan-fi...
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Poems and Short Stories by SnowRose
Poems and Short Stories
This is just a book of random stories and poems I decided to write while I was bored or for some school proje...
Wolves of the Wing by SnowRose
Wolves of the Wing
Just gonna say this now, I update slowly so get over it, I get writer's block a lot. It plagues me to no end...
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