Hey I'm  back from the dead~ Great to see all you wonderful people again

Not really much to me really. I like to draw, sing, read, and obviously to write. Otherwise why would I be on here right? I'm pretty average compared to everybody else. I can be incredibly shy at first, but once I get to know you more watch out! I'm crazy- er well I'm a bit eccentric ^^' I'm a senior in high school and have already started my college courses so I'm a pretty busy girl haha. Unlike most people here, my goal is not to become a distinguished author of many famous books throughout the earth- no I'd much rather be a vet in some local clinic of mine out in the middle of nowhere who writes, draws and, sings as her hobbies. That being said, I absolutely love love LOVE animals of all shapes and sizes. Except for spiders ew. Tarantulas are cool though.

If you bother to look at my works then you'd see that I like Naruto. Of course I like other anime/manga as well, but you can figure out which ones on your own. Just try talking to me.

I'm also one of the biggest procrastinators I know. Like I won't even get up to go eat sometimes, even if I haven't eaten all day. This is partly the reason why I haven't updated anything in over two years. Sorry 'bout that ^^;

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WotW- Wolves of the Wing [discontinued]

PSS- Poems and Short Stories [whenever I get the urge to write something irrelevant to anything else]
-- Currently working on: Nothing -- Status: Still Nothing

BAA- Beasts: Alive Again (Naruto Fan-fic) [under MAJOR revising]
-- Currently working on: Chapter 10 -- Status: Revising

(I do have some new stories I'm working on, though I won't be posting any of it until I get back on my feet with BAA and as a writer in general)

You can also find me on deviantArt~
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Description: ~Under Revision~ ......Darkness was all I could see. All I could ever see. Constant swaying always making my head spin. I only ever remembered the solid black. There was a fuzziness where I thought memories might linger. My memories...... The Twelv...

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Poems and Short Stories

Poems and Short Stories

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This is just a book of random stories and poems I decided to write while I was bored or for some school...

Wolves of the Wing

Wolves of the Wing

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Just gonna say this now, I update slowly so get over it, I get writer's block a lot. It plagues me to no...

Hey guys... I'm sorry I keep forgetting about this site :T I've been extremely busy with things. I've been suffering from depression for over a years and I'm just starting to get over it, though I can feel it starting to come back already. However, I've made a promise to myself that I will finish BAA. Eventually. It more than likely will not be anytime soon, and I'm sorry for that, but I don't have the time or the motivation to do it right now. I have the revised version of chapter 10 nearly complete and will post it whenever I find the time to finish it. I WILL finish BAA though. I had planned to make it a trilogy, but honestly that's never going to happen so I'm going to put everything I would have written in those into one book. There will probably be a gap of short stories about Mumei and the gang to give them some more depth as characters between pre-shippuden and shippuden.
      Again, I'm really sorry for leaving you all hanging like this all the time. I'm a terrible person for doing that and I'm really really sorry for disappearing all the time.  I'm really trying to get things back in order again though. When I do I'll be back to writing like I did back when I first joined this site 5 years ago.

It's actually been two years unfortunately ^^'
      I've been trying to get back into the swing of things, but I can't seem to find the time right now. I do plan on continuing eventually, but it's just not in the cards for me as of now.
      And actually , the last four chapters of this story are no longer relevant to the actual plot since the first 9 chapters were rewritten a couple months ago. Chapter 10 is in the works and near completion I just haven't had the time to actually write anything lately and probably won't for a while.
      Sorry for the wait and thanks for showing an interest in the story even after all this time~ I send follower-wide messages on my page whenever there is an update so if you keep an eye on that you can see what chapters I've updated and what is in progress.
It's literally been two weeks and I'm still really behind in my schoolwork :/ so I honestly don't know when I'll be back again, but I thought I'd just pop in and say I'm still here~
Yikes so I probably won't be back for a while :/ apparently last week when I was sick and skipped school all week long I missed a bunch of tests and I have a million and one assignments to make up. Ew... But I am still working on updating BAA~ I'm just sorting a few things out before I write it all down. Still I won't have time to actually write it all down until I get all this schoolwork out of the way...
      Wish me luck!
Yo I spent the day at the doctor's and I am no longer contagious ;w; got me a ton of pills and some weird spray for my sinus allergies so I should be back to writing as soon as I make up all that work I missed from school u.u yikes so I may not be back for a while yet haha....
      Ah well, can't be helped.
      Ja ne
Yo I literally get a new follower a day. Haha! I still wish wattpad kept the fans instead. I feel like you're all stalkers  >.> and when it was fans I felt like a famous person. It was such a nice feeling aahahhh...
      Yeah I'm literally going nowhere with this message. I haven't really been working on BAA in the last few days cuz I got really sick and I still am and I probably won't for the next few days cuz I was in a car accident today and I'm kinda sore. Btw the car accident and being sore are two completely unrelated things ok. No one was hurt in the accident I just pull stupid stunts a lot and end up really sore :/ soo....
      Yeah there's my life in a nutshell at the moment. I'll probably upload a bunch of chapters next month some time. Like one big dump so you have plenty to read while I actually write something interesting for the story since I'm really sick of the arc we're in since this is literally the fifth time I've had to write it since I started rewriting BAA.
      Ja ne
Pfffff I just started watching Satan's a Part Timer and I literally haven't even finished the first episode but it is the most amazing thing I ever ever laid eyes on xD seriously is the most hilarious thing I've ever seen. 
      Go watch it! 
      I just |D