Style: Science Fiction
Age: 25
Gender: Male
Location: United States

Objectives I want to tackle in my writings:

1. No Character is 100% innocent of illegal or amoral doing.
2. No Character is indestructible, and has their definitive end.
3. Include multiple perspectives of any given conflict, to play fair among the conflicting parties/ideologies/etc.
4. No perspective is shown as "Good" or "Bad", only show how that person/group comes to those conclusions.

I was told Wattpad was the place to go for reading and sharing literature. I anticipate reading the works of others as well as receiving feedback on mine. I look forward to interacting with this community.

Having been in the presence of others and witnessing several cliches among different media, I have found some areas I would like to work on.

With the experiences I've had over many online communities, I was gifted with the opportunity to meet many people. During this time, I learned that people are not as simple as Good guys, Vs Bad guys. Every side has their perspective, their own reasoning and beliefs.

In my experience with film I often am met with either a main protagonist, or set of characters that are practically made invincible and or posses a 100% glorified perspective, for either plot convenience, or inability to continue the story through another perspective.
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