So first off, my username is pronounced like this (Smy-lin-Jay). Just so we can all get rid of the big mystery.
I love writing stories, reading them, and discovering them. I was introduced to this site awhile ago and now I'm addicted. I hope one day I can write half as good as these amazing writers on here!
Don't be afraid to share stories with me or message me!
Random facts:
I hate with a passion when someone writes "Nope. Popping the P." I mean of all common phrases you had to use that?
I'm addicted to this site.
I spend majority of my time writing.
I hate grapefruit.(See RANDOM)

List of Favorite Stories I've Read:
Percy Jackson Series (All 5)
Heroes of Olympus Series (2 of 5)
Kane Chronicles (2 1/2-Almost done the third)
Gallagher Girl Series (4 out of 6. Just bough the 5th and newest one)
The Thief Lord
To Kill A Mocking Bird
Hunger Games Series (All 3- Team Gale :P)
A Wrinkle In Time
The Wedding Planner's Daughter Series (Only 2 out of 6)

*I have like probably dozens more I could post but this sums up just about my favorite books and series.i
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Love Is Spelled One Way, Not Three

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Description: It's hard enough being in love with your best friend, but its even harder when your other best friend is too. Mike always knew he loved Jess, but Tony needed some convincing. One drunken night at a party makes things clear to Jess, and now she has t...

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I really do like this story and his aunt a comment about how the author is writing just my opinion on the character. With Paisley, there's big difference between giving second chances and giving/taking away JC's right to see his son whenever he does something she doesn't like. Usually there fair points but some just seem out of spite. But other than that great story, looking forward to the next chapter!

I cocked my head in his direction trying to get a better understanding of him. Is this the same troubled JC Ace that everyone talks about? The same teenage boy that disrespects teachers and disturbs...
I knew this was going to be slightly cliché when I read it but mysterious? He laid out his whole troubles and personal life, how is that mysterious? Lol I'm sorry don't me to sound rude.