I like One Direction.

I like Starkid.

I am obseesed with Harry Potter and will gladly be called a Potterhead.

I love to read, i am a terrible cook.
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Smileyface0121 Smileyface0121 3 years ago
Awweeee I have a THOUSAND!!!!! Views on Song In My Head All Day !!!! I LOVE YOU GUYS!!!!! <333333
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Song in My Head All Day~ *Starkid Love Story*

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Description: So Typical. Hailey loves Joey Richter. He could fall in love with her. Her and her 2 best friends move in and start a new life in Michigan. Ty and Liz go to U of M. Hailey can't. Her dream was shattered when h...


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Camp Forget-Me-Not

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Arlie has two brothers; Austin and Alec. Their friend, Grant, falls hard for Arlie. And Arlie may like h...

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