Heyy im Kayla.
13 years young✌
Justin Bieber!!!❤
ICONic Boyz!!!✌❤
Skrillex !!!❤
Ellie Goulding!!!❤
_____________________________________________________________________________ CHING CHANG MACA HIYA <-----------FAVORITE WORD IDK WHY?

Working on planning my first story ~Anything Can Happen~ <-------- #HAANNN

From New York
Im in Middle School with my two bestiis @JustBelievex3xo @RachelTirado_

and fan these two great writers: @Mariaaa_ @NoemiCastronovo_
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Smiley_luvs_monstrrs Smiley_luvs_monstrrs Oct 26, 2012 08:07PM
@JustBelievex3xo  and the doodooo face is not in emoji anymore :((((( %uD83D%uDE21%uD83D%uDE21%uD83D%uDE21%uD83D%uDE21%uD83D%uDE21%uD83D%uDE05
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~Anything Can Happen~

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my two sisters<3

my two sisters<3

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