Even though I write, I know I'm not the greatest at it, but I try really hard to give you guys my best work. When I write, I strive to be the best writer I can be. I work really hard on what I write, so please don't steal my work or copy it. I know it's hard out there in the writer's world, trust me, I'm struggling with you, but be the best writer YOU CAN BE, and leave other people's work alone. Thank you.

Thank you in advance you guys for all the votes, comments, shares, and reads you all give me! They really do mean everything to me and keep me writing.

I'm doing at least one of the following right now:
•laughing out loud
•eating Skittles
•smiling through life's problems
•reading everything
•falling in love
•finding happiness in the little things
•talking to my one and only @AlecDeNiro
•listening to music
•holding cute babies
•writing my heart out
•singing my feelings
•drawing away the day

*I LOVE making covers, so PLEASE ASK!!*

My family is everything to me.

I can be sassy but no I'm not mean. I try to be nice to everyone, even assholes.

Even if we don't agree, I believe we can still get along.

Don't be mean, because being mean gets you no where.

Respect me and I will respect you and vice versa.

I write when I want to write and when I can, so please don't pressure me to update, even if I haven't in a while. I promise I'm doing the best I can.

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Shoutout to all the LDR couples (and interracial couples) out there! 2+ years with 778 miles between us.

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SmileAndLaughItOff SmileAndLaughItOff Mar 08, 2015 06:54PM
If you're trying to learn a new language on your own or need a refresher course I strongly suggest downloading Duolingo. It's a free language learning app and it's great! :)
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