Hey, Hunter here. :)
^^^ I'm the guy on the right..

I made an account on here since my friends @SurferDude_123 and @ItsBlaze got accounts on here so they ignore me and the others. -.- These two may be idiots but don't forget to fan them:)

Only 2000 characters? I'll see what I can do..

► Born in Wakefield, United Kingdom
► Gotta hot accent ;)
► Currently living in Malibu, California
► Skateboarding, football, hockey, soccer etc..
► Blowing out the candles on January 12(:
► Single as a pringle but ready to mingle, so hmu? ;)
► I LOVE FOOD! <3 (:Make me a triple cheese burger and I'll love you forever!
► A lot of people think I'm gay or bi because of how I act. I'm not. As far as I know, I'm as straight as a ruler (not the bendy ones). I prefer vajay-jays not dicks. (Don't hate though)
► I'm a movie maniac :3
► I like girls who wear no make up. That makes them more beautiful.
► I have a 'Free Hugs' shirt.
► I prefer juice and water than beer..
► Black hair, brown eyes /:
► I can draw a little..
► I like lots of music. Too much to name..
► Not that religious.. Sorry God...
► I'm a charmer so don't blame me if I held your heart hostage ;)
► I have a 4 brothers and a sister. I'm the middle child..
► My grammar is probably the best in all of my friends
► I won't be writing anything on here other than replying people back. Sorry in advance if I don't reply back... No time or I didn't see your message....


@ItsBlaze and @SurferDude_123 I met these two in the beginning of middle school. They can be annoying idiots at times but they're decent. Fan em, you won't regret it. (:

@ChasingADream_ Rosie here made me stop eating raisins because of their old people skin.. -____- BIG mistake. She acts like she's immune to me when she actually can't resist me. ;)

Anyways, I'm gonna leave it at that....
If you wanna know more about me, chat me up(:
Thanks for coming on my page!

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Smdwamfc69 Smdwamfc69 Aug 02, 2012 02:03AM
@ChasingADream_ Uh... It's been three days so I'm um.. guessing you're er... mad? Sorry Rosie, I really am. Forgive me m'lady? :L
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