Im in hogwarts, okay Im obsessed with the movies and need to buy the books and start reading so I can be a true fan cause I really am obsessed you know. If there is one thing about me I want to be Slytherin but told I should be Ravenclaw caause Im smart and Im like WHAT NO WAY IM SMART. Any you are all beautiful people and mirrors dont matter its what inside that counts. I love people unless they give me a reason not to I hate war and fights. Naturally I also hate bullying I have black hair and blue eyes, I have and obsession with converse I wear fully black ones so I cant get told off by Snape (I dont want to believe him or dumble dore are dead OKAY????) I am hyperactive and told bubly so am I gonna explode ? O.O anyway love you all haters make me famous ;D Haters gonna hate ;D I can still dance in  my pink pyjamas cause Im still a child, I hate drinking and smoking and drugs its scares me Im 17 years old ;D but trust me I go one like a five year old. Maybe the pic is of me maybe not Im not gonna tell you pedophiles like ? I envy ther gfirls looks on the back round but as I said dont waste your life on looks please be pretty on the inside cause I think you are beautiful just the way you are dont change and dont trey just try to be polite nice
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I am Draco Malfoy's Secret Daughter. by Slytherin_heart1
I am Draco Malfoy's Secret Daughter. Fanfiction
It was said that Draco had one son in his marriage. But what if he had an affair that was never told? No one knew apart from the girl herself. But then she turn's up pregnant? What happen's is me, I am Draco Malfo...
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