currently trying to think of reader's stand cry  and my brain is exploding
          	if ur wondering where I've been, it's just I'm trying to write more than one chapter at a time so u guys can have a whole week of chaptersmy goal is to finish 4 before July 13th so stay tuned


@Sleepymima @keijilvr i just translated fwa, and that means times in haitian creole 


@Sleepymima   roma or just a yell kind of like goku yelling when hes powering up


damn it ignore how i forgot to put a space in between the words


Hello! Just wanted to check in on you, I’m one of your readers and I love your Diego fan fiction. As a fellow author, I totally understand that you sometimes need a break from writing, but I was just wondering if you planned to continue your fanfic or not, because it’s been a while.
          That’s it, I hope you’re having a good day! 


Hey girl, I absolutely love your Diego fic. Any idea when you may post other chapters? I just always get anxious that the book will be discontinued when I read one that isn’t completed.