Skylar hmm where to start...
ok hes 7+7-2+8-6 years old, do the math
hes bisexual, but that doesnt matter to any of you because this fine young man is taken and he loves his boyfriend a lot
he has a son, levi. he likes to talk about his son but not the reason he has one so dont ask
he is mentally unstable, so careful, he could snap.
hes very honest and truthful, hes very sweet unless you piss him off
hes extremely musically athletically and artistically talented
hes color blind, please dont ask him his favorite color
he loves music a lot. he plays a lot of instruments
hes been through a shit load of stuff so if anyone decides they want to mess with him, ill fuck you up
thats all - @xZaynex

@AllYourHate979 / @xXxWeightlessxXx best friend for life <3 love you paige

@_Luke_ is my awesome big brother. He is here for me always even though our family doesn't want be he does. We are actually related... <3 love you Lu.

@xMichealxJasonx Micheal is awesome. He's just him and he's my best friend. Love you Mikey <3 and even though Jason isn't here I
still love him cause he is my friend forever. <3

@Jewel100 maxie's my good friend

@xXTears_of_MiseryXx I don't care what anyone says this girls is fucking amazing hurt her I swear to God you will not live to see another day. <3 love ya Haley

@xZaynex is my best friend<3
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