okay so first i am very random and i do have the mind of a writer...anyone who says other wise can just die in a hole :D aren't i the nicest person ever?! i think i am! anyways...i am not a killer or a phycopath...well actually X D kidding. but um, yeah i like TACOS! heh heh don't know where that came from...anywayssss ummm...and for anyone whos burfmaday is today...HAPPYMERRYBURFMADAYCHRISTMAS! 

so yeah...

oh and i H.A.T.E Justine Beaver talk about that thing on my page and i sware -_- :D so yeah here is my jacked up smileh : ={)

and to all those people out there that hate me and say they want to kill me...wait...people want to kill me O.O scared! but anyways stuff your head up your own butt! and before you say it isn't possible when i get done with you it will be :D

okay that was my rant...anyway i am also a really good friend ask anyone who is friends with me and don't hate me... :D anyways X D i am a good listener but i am a better talker :D
BVB (black veil brides) quotes.
"If you don't like music, then there's something wrong with your face." - CC

"Being normal, what's that? That's a setting on a washing machine, no one wants to be that." - Ashley (He's a guy -____- to all of you who don't know who they are)

"I've never believed in so much as I do the BVB Army. Rock&Roll is my religion and Rock&Roll is back. I love all of you outcasts." - Jinxx

Live your life..listen to your music way too loud, be as crazy and as 'different' as you want to be and always remember you're not alone." -Andy

"When I was a baby, my voice was so low that only trains could hear it." - Andy

"If you look hard enough for something, you'll probably find it even if it's not really there..."-Jinxx

Nobody messes with the army." - CC

"I hate Wheaties...now Reese's Peanut Butter Cups...those are awesome!" - Jake

"Alcohol doesn’t make you fat it makes you Lean… on tables, chairs & random people!!" - Ashley

"OH look at that cloud it looks like an upside down cloud" - CC
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@DeathlyNoted xDxD I can't help but love little Near! He's so cute and childish! 
Matty and Mels FTW!!
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