Ok... so, i forgot the password to my other account so i'm gonna rewrite this. 

I'm Skye, i'm updating this. my original one was weird and some information was false because my friend wrote it and wanted me to sound "cool" since she said i'm a lame internet addict. well yeah, i live in the US , yada, yada, yada. I love the Janoskians and One Direction and you guys.
Hope you enjoy my crappy stories. love you though.

can we just take a moment to worship how hot Sean effing O'Donnell is. if anyone else loves him, i love you.
I love sleeping with sirens; pierce the veil; woe, is me; of mice & men etc.
i enjoy partying, drinking, dancing, and koala bears and bird tattoos. btw, that's not me in my profile picture i just wish it was

Keep it classy, not trashy loves.
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