I am a little and Love BTS love animals also love Got7,Exo,etc. I ship Naruto with kakashi/Sasuke (mostly)/Neji/Gaara/iruka/shikamaru/Kiba/and more Lol but Naruto would be bottom of course, also I ship yoonminvkooknamjin mostly Jimin with the other six. I love junjou romantica and etc.❤ and spideypool is always gonna be a ship and sometimes Spiderfrost meaning Loki and tomholland 

And I I'm not against LGBTQ and Incest I mean if people wanna love what they want let them I mean what the hell arek the "JUDGERS" going to do bout NOTHING NOTHING AT ALL so just love yourself for who you are (something I can't do not that i want pity Cuz I dont) and be beatiuful everyone's different in their own way the only thing someone can be "ugly" bout something is their personality/ I love slendy×jeff bc come on those two are daddies ugh I keep updating this I just wanted to add... That when undertaker off of black butler pulls his hair back go nzjxhhshdjsgsj lol y'all should download crunchyroll it got so much anime and only anime you can download their manga too omg the have junjou romantics on there! Bye my Lovelys❤ okay now I ship ceil×seb and bill×dipp so hard!! I love Rourke&zilv
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I literally don't know why I'm up and thinking stupid stuff like this but did Jacob or Paul all the other wolves from twilight have an inner wolf? If they did what's there names Cuz I didn't watch al...
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