I'm addicted to music and has been playing the trumpet/althorn for the last nine years. 
I love to read, for a good laugh I choose Sophie Kinsella. But a favorite? At the moment Harry Potter.
I can't stand pea soup.
I don't understand the meaning of soccer.
I'm about 5,1 feet tall.
Chocolate is my new best friend.
I have asthma.
I'm diagnosed with Multiple epiphyseal dysplasia (MED).
I watch How I met your mother.
I'm in my fifth semester studying to be a preschool teacher.
I speak swedish, norwegian and english.
I don't know french despite fours years of reading it at school.
I would like to learn sign language.
My favorite character of all time is Sherlock Holmes.

Stories in Progress:

When Amy met Ethan
The Reunion

I'm on youtube: http://www.youtube.com/user/gulacykeln
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Skalem Skalem Aug 13, 2013 03:30PM
Greetings fans/followers/dogs!
      I am delighted to announce a new story that I will start publishing today (August 13th). It's called "The Reunion". 
      I will upload 1-2 chapters/episodes per day.
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Heroes (On Hold)

Social data: 1.7K reads. 68 votes. 8 comments.

Description: Kate Krabbe was born with a power; the ability to turn invisible at any given cause. This secret has been kept hidden all her life, that is until she meets mysterious Charlie. Together they form a powerful duo...


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Story Reading List