Haiii :3 people steal my greetings -.- 

What i love
Me :3
- Adventure Time!!!
- Hangin wit my friends
- the mall of course!
- Chicken
- last but not least.... draw!

What i dislike
- Brothers -___-
- Family (sometimes...only when they get on my nervs -.-)
- A new house -.-
- color red
- old clothes -.-

Bwahaha! Family? I hav 2 brothers, 1 sister (shes special)
Ok i just love my friend "mebzab" to death and my Cat of course!
I like to eat gummy bears but if i do, i eat their heads off first so they dont kill or hurt, sombody.....
Me: Ok, so do you get it now?
brother: yeah...
Me: you do?
brother: No!
Me: ....*face turns red and blows up*

Ok seems like i have to gooo.... well this isnt the last of it!!! If you want to know more message i guess:3 and i will be you best friend! wait well just a great friend the best friend slot is filled so uh.... BY3!!!
~ $I$$Y SWAG3R F@C3 is out peace!~
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