Merp de derp.


Ok... Awkward... Bye

_>.....^—^..... v—v.... ._. |: .—. :| *disappears*


Hello! My name is Jay. But you can call me Jay ;)

I love manga and animes if you have suggestions they would be appreciated. I'm mostly into huge swords and lots of fighting. Not really into the whole magical girl blah blah stuff. It's boring. My sister loves it though so those can go to her.

I've seen bleach, one piece, sword art online, jun jou romantica, fruit basket, soul eater, Free (<3), letter bee, the world only god knows, world conquest Zvezda plot (super funny), the master of killing time, heaven's lost property and many others. I've seen about 60 animes that I can remember and have written down in a list I'm working to get to 100

Oh and I've seen death note just haven't finished it (seen all but the last episode)

An awesome manga that I love and is online is assassination classroom. It's amazing!

I am awful at names so if we discuss characters unless you mention the character I will be lost. Except one piece I know there names!

My mind is a dictionary of cuss words and I will not hesitate to cuss some one out

I also like comedy movies! I died during hunted house 2 and 22 jump street!

LLAMAS RULE THE WORLD AND I LIKE CUTE FLUFFY ANIMALS THAT CAN BE MADE INTO PETS! Well they can but they're hard to find if you're looking for the ones that won't kill you :( my poor Simba cub... We shall be reunited! As soon as I get you then somehow lose you... Then we'll be reunited!

Assuming will get you no where around me.
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@ZJStewart I'd probably just stand there, stare at them and then walk away because if they can't say 4 little words that have a lot of meaning we obviously can't be together
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