stuff you should know about me...
i'm extremely lazy. i wont write out of laziness.
i love eminem and my chemical romance
I also like green day, kings of Leon.
i'm addicted to kit kats i love icecream.
I like to dance sing and write

i'm 23 and i have a 6 year old daughter
i'm also a proud single parent!
yup i'm proud to be single and not have to depend on men.

i'm random, weird and crazy
i love anything thats supernatural and weird
i love scary movies and comedies
i love tosh.o and shane dawson

i'm also into anime... but thats my sisters fault.

I'm also a big flirt. I love flirting but guys shouldn't take me seriously. I don't do boyfriends

I love Italian food and wingstop and really good cakes. I also make some awesome shrimp cocktail.

I'm an open minded person so if you not like whatever I put on my stories too bad, I'm open minded. Nothing is bad for me.... Ok, obviously I know when I've crossed the line but still.

I talk a lot and I'm super conceited. I think the only reason I don't get married is cuz I only love myself.... And my family.

I hope I make friends on here cuz I really have little social life.
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    San Antonio
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Sinfullatingirl Sinfullatingirl Jun 03, 2016 09:25AM
Deleted the authors note from cross love so now there's only 10 chapters
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