Call Me Shay (; I'm the chillest person ever, till' you make me hot.

Senior. Class Of 2015 !

Tremaine Aldon Neverson is my oxygen / husband ♡

Honey Cocaine is the wife, met her on 11/15/12 (;

Iggy Azalea's bomb self is obviously my girlfriend.

My favorite rappers are J Cole, Childish Gambino, and Chance the Rapper, in that order ˆ⌣ˆ

Fvck with Joey Bada$$ and Frank Ocean or fvck off ^,^

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† The Lord Is My One & Only Savior †
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You VS The World × Mac Miller Story

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Description: Do you know what might happen, if I decide to choose you?

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✿ Can't Be The Last Time // A Trey Songz Story ✿

✿ Can't Be The Last Time // A Trey Songz Story ✿

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Ain't no way to explain it, but I know we can make it ♡

Forgotten Phantoms (SLOW MOTION SEQUEL)

Forgotten Phantoms (SLOW MOTION SEQUEL)

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Hai ^o^

Hai ^o^

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God Willin' [2014]

God Willin' [2014]

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I moved into my dorm this morning at East Carolina University with the assistance of my irreplaceable family (and helpers here on campus)! I'm lovinggg it.
SincerelyShay commented on Perception. - 14.

Mai better not do anything stupid and let her past affect her present and future! As soon as I get back online, this is one of the FEW stories that I go looking for. Great job as always, love, can't wait for more ((:

No, no, nooo! I kept reading and reading until I hit your last update ): I am so hooked on this story, I swear, it's literary crack. The plot and characters are so great and realistic. I hope that Esined's mother gets her daughter and herself out of that fatal situation because they deserve so much better. I really am anticipating your next update -- flawless story. AND we have the same middle name!? lol #TheWinningTeam ^_^