I try to write what I know. 
I try to write what I don't know.
I try to write what is real.
I try to write what isn't real.

Overall, I do call myself a writer because I eat, sleep, shower, and breathe the pens, pencils, and notebooks of the world.
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Unfinished Business (Book 2)

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Description: Two years has passed since we’ve last heard from the clans that wrecked hell on the lands of the Carolinas. With Splinter dead and gone, Mecca felt the need to take over the operation to fulfill the plans that his father had. Everyone is on pins and...

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Earlier this year, I had created a game plan to have "Master Splinter's Daughter" and "Unfinished Business" completed by now and preparing myself to post the final book "The Last Standing" on the 16th of this month. But, nothing ever goes to plan with my writing and at this moment, I'm pushing myself to start back updating "Unfinished Business" because "The Last Standing" is the good one.
      Well, back to writing.
Does anyone else go back and read an entire book over that they have written? Does your face go sour when you are? Omg. I'm dealing with it as I read through "Master's Splinter's Daughter".
SincerelyBreezy commented on Blue Pencil Dolls - one | au revoir

Okaaaaaaaaaaaay. Like, what? In that short amount of time, what happened? I mean, it could be PM work because everything seemed okay and so smooth, like it was all about to go well. Then, BAM! Someone is dead and it's already the first chapter. Oh, I hope Geneva doesn't get blamed for it. Let's hope that there's nothing linking her to the crime scene. But, her prints are all over the house and the room...Damn.
      Where is the crew? Batul, Isaiah, Tyler, and unfortunately Yvette. Already, I miss them because they mixed so well. I just really want to know what caused Geneva to make such a drastic decision and move out on a limb. Yes, in RRM we were told that Isaiah is the mastermind behind the explosions. Yes, we all want to believe and not to believe. But, we have no evidence! We're just going by what some random girl at a bar lounge said. I mean, I need answers! Geneva can't be the one to fight this on her own. She needs her team and that said team is somewhere in Chattanooga. Yo, I'm sad, man. Geneva got a job. She's paying bills. She's leading a normal life. I DON'T LIKE THIS SH.T AT ALL. I need the craziness back, AJ. OMG. BRING THE CREW BACK.
      P.S. Geneva and London better not be on no Lesbian type of stuff because I will drop Geneva like a hot potato. She had all that fine man named Isaiah and ain't get the d.ck not ONE TIME. Like, bish whet?