Just for all of you lowly wanderers out there, my name is Tori, I live in 'Merica #FREEDOM #BALDEAGLES #GETMEOUTOFHERE #deargodplz. Ok.
- I appreciate people who understand me. Which is actually a nice bunch of wattpad kids. I like you guys.
- At night time I always think someone is looking through my window. God knows why. Paranoia ftw.
- I have a lot of goals, and I'm going to accomplish every single one of them.
- Basically, I'll just move out and get twelve dogs, and I'll be set for life.
- If I could cook without injuring myself, I'd make a million and one cakes just to eat the cake mix. Best part tbh.
- I am legitimately Batman and, despite being 5'4'' and unable to open heavy doors, I will fight you if you try to tell me otherwise.
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SimplyDarling SimplyDarling Sep 03, 2014 05:12AM
@Arkain I came back on just for you. :)) And oh my lord has it been forever. Just let me know whenever you have time to talk and I'll consider penciling you in. xP
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