Hmm...let's see. I'm in my early twenties. I love to read. I'm a creative person. I like to draw, my favorite medium is colored pencils and oil paint. I'm very considerate and mellow person. Despite my calm demeanor, I highly enjoy horror films(like 1408 or SAW) and angry chick music. I've been a fan of The Walking Dead since the show started. I'm an Art Major at a four-year university. I don't drink coffee, but I do have red bull occasionally. Anime is the reason I began to draw seriously, and for that I will be forever grateful.(Special thanks to Sailor Moon) I tend to dabble in lots of things like, jewelry-making, drawing, story writing, poetry, sculpture, and the challenge of making something cheap look more expensive with paint and design. I have insomnia. I've been mistaken for a teacher at my college on more than one occasion. My favorite color is either turquoise blue or sapphire blue.. I have a cat named after a character from Alice in Wonderland. Her name is Dinah, and she was born on Harry Potter's birthday (July 31). Wattpad and Deviantart are my favorite places in the world because no matter where I am(as long as there is internet) they are always there and have been a constant in my life.

Some of my favorite books are:

Demon in My View-By: Amelia Atwater-Rhodes

IdleWild-By: Nick Sagan

The Hunger Games By:Suzanne Colins

Pride and Prejustice-By: Jane Austen

A Little Princess-By: Frances Hodgson Burnett

Ink Exchange-By: Melissa Marr (a great fairy story)

Jane Eyre By: Charlotte Bronte

And since getting a Kindle I've enjoyed:

Unicorn Bait(an awesome time travel story)

Marked(it's on wattpad too)

Clockwise(written by an amazing writer from right here on Wattpad)
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Silverwings29 Silverwings29 Jan 07, 2013 08:35AM
@WrittenOnRaindrops Thank you, that's very sweet of you. And thank you about the background.
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