Updated 9/24/12

I am in my sophmore year!

IAN IS MINE! So back off witches -_-

You should cheek out my sister @SukiDa and my besties page @Boredum123 <3 and her brother @five_nine and their cousin @Cupcakes34

I do take reading recommendations, but don't get nasty with me if I don't read it. I'm not into every book out there. I will read it if seems like somthing that I will read

''Cause cool men don't cheat." - Soul (Soul Eater) <--- The best thing ever said by a guy <3 [and that will be my status for a while]
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SilverW SilverW Nov 12, 2012 03:46PM
@Megabucks no problemo :)
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To Be A Geisha

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