My name's Jean and I have two passions: writing and pretending I'm good at musical things.

I get called a grammar Nazi a lot, which is odd, but I guess it's a natural reflex to fix people's spelling when they misspell. I also like to pretend that I'm actually good at playing guitar, when I'm not. I also have this weird dream to teach kids that are 5 to 8.

I'm not active, almost at all. I'm not very healthy either. I have little to no friends. I have only ever dated one person, but no relationships, so I don't know how I can write a pretty awesome love thing.

I don't like a lot of foods, so don't be surprised that I don't actually like pizza a lot (it's mostly because I'm lactose intolerant, and cannot eat/drink dairy products).
I'm really funny sometimes, I talk a lot sometimes, but everyone still seems to think that I'm really lame and quiet. I think I'm saying a bit too much here, but I don't really care anymore.

Also people think I don't swear a lot, but in reality, I just don't swear at school (much). I say fuck more than I say please and thank you. I'm just really bad at saying my manners, I do have manners, I just really am bad at saying them.
This Wattpad account is for my personal stories and poems, well not super personal just non-school related stuff. My other account is @jabellwilson. So feel free to fan that one too, oh and read the stories.


If you vote, thanks. If you don't, thanks for reading. If you comment, it'd be lovely to hear. If you don't comment, then I'll never know who you are. If you fan, thank you. If you don't, then obviously I'm not interesting.

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Thanks for the reads everyone! I know I don't post of this account anymore, but I'll keep this account. So, if you want to see my updated stories, go to: @jabellwilson.
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