I'm a 16 year old author in the process. :D
The topics I'm into and that I'll probably write about are..
-Naruto shippuden
-Death note
-Alice in Wonderland
-Any crossover
-Harry Potter
-Attack on Titan
-Ace Attorney
-Rune Factory
-Sekaiichi Hatsukoi
-Ace Attorney
-Madoka Magica
-South Park
Oh! And I should probably say the pairings I support too. ^-^
Naruto shippuden: GaaLee, NaruSasu, SasoDei, ShikaTema
Hetalia: Itacest (im sorry xD) Germano, EngIta, Spuk, Spamano, AmeLiet, SpaNether, PruAus, and PruHun(ftw!)
Death note: NearMello(♡) LindaxMatt, LxLight (or reversed) BBxMisora, and basicly all Near pairings XD
Yugioh: Thiefshipping, Puzzleshipping, Puppyshipping (♡)
AOT: Jean x Armin, Eren×Annie, Eren x Levi
Ace Attorney: Hobopollo, NaruMitsu
Sekaiichi: TakanoRistu, YuuxChiaki
South park: Kyman, Stanman, Stenny (♡)
Osomatsu-san: Ichikara,(OTP) OsoChoro, JyushiKara, Karaichi, KaraOso, Karabita
Pokemon: Haudion
And thats everything! Though I'm not picky when it comes to pairings and I love trying new things. :3
Also I love to role play so if anyone is interested I'm up for it.
Thank you for reading and I hope I can get some good support here on wattpad.
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