I'm Sierra and I am really into romance and some kinds of fantasy novels. I write a bit, as some of you do as well, so check out my stories :)

I will do a read for read on the terms that you leave a constructive critique or opinion on what you read.
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Daughter of the Earth, Son of the Moon

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Description: Liam Hayes is a born and bred Alpha, about to take over from his father. On the day of his coronation, the elder wolf tells him of an ancient prophecy, claiming that the Daughter of the Earth and the Son of the Moon will one day unite, creating an u...

SierraHope commented on Werewolf Committee - Prologue

The story has a great plot thus far, and you did a great job of introducing it in the first and second chapter, but you do need a little work on the exposition of your characters. By chapter two I know very little about Elina or Lily. You also mention some characters in passing, such as  Hawkins? If this character appears again later in the story, elaborate on him. Tell us who Hawkins is to Elina and why he steals her cookie. If he does not reappear, then cut his character all together from this chapter. Also, the story so far seems very stop and go, and by that I mean that all of your dialogue is  the speaking followed by narration. For example : ("Don't do that! You will get in trouble!" He said, following me down the hall. ) Try to mix it up from time to time with rearranging the narration and dialogue. For example: ( "Don't do that!" He said, following me down the hall. "You will get in trouble!") This will give better pacing to the story, so that your exposition does not feel like one is merely reading a script.
      I hope you aren't offended by my suggestions, I merely wish to give you some constructive criticism to help you improve on your writing.