👉Hello guys I am Anshika

👉I ship Sidneet and big fan of Avneet😄

👉 Follow me on my Instagram @Sidneetfantasy12

👉I'm 16 year old.

👉 Wish me on 12th March😜

👉 Love to read and paint.

👉 Love Ice cream and Cake.

👉 Love to watch AMP World in u tube. I really like the bonding of all the 10 people's ( I'm counting stroke twins separately) and adore their friendship.

👉 My current Books :

1) Love Is Undefined

2) Endless Love

3) Contract Marriage

4) Sidneet Books

5) Love Doesn't Understand Words

6) Mr. Possessive

👉 I write two books in collaboration with @Sidneetloveriaa

👉 Wattpad is my favourite pass time.

👉 If you want shout out for your book then ask me freely because I'll love to do it as I really appreciate hard work.

👉 Love to make new friends ❤

👉 If you want to be my friend aur need any help please feel free to Pm me. I will love to make friends aur help you ❣️❤😄
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