Chapter Twenty-Three of Screams in NY is finally out for those of you still reading ❤️
          	On another note - Apologies if you have reached out and I have yet to respond, I'm trying to get to my messages and at times wattpad doesn't even notify me so there's that issue too haha
          	I hope you all know I love and appreciate each and every one of you ❤️


@Sicilian-Sensation I'm so addicted to the whole series please update more 


@Sicilian-Sensation  can it be possible to update faster


@Sicilian-Sensation love the whole series is great please keep updating 


When will you update Screams in New York and Silent Whispers ? You haven’t been writing for quite long now and your readers are waiting impatiently... hope you are doing okay .. xx


Hey! You haven't been active for quite a while now. I hope you are doing well. I'm not here asking for an update. Just wanted to know about how your life is going. Stay safe. I love your work. (I deleted my wattpad account of 2 years and literally made this one for this message. So, I hope you reply me whenever you read it.)


I hope you are ok!? Also wondering if Screams of New York is on hold. I’m addicted and couldn’t put the series down. Hoping all is well and update coming soon


I hope you are doing well!  I cannot wait for your next update!! I love your books so much. You’re a fantastic writer.