Oh (._. ) I didn't see you. But now I did *waves* hi and welcome to my profile c:

The name be Liz as you can see up there ^ next to the pic of that girl, which is moi. Believe it or not. It's really me. But well, that's not really interesting.You know what is? Of course you do, you can read my mind -_- no you don't. You wish though, I know you do. Anyway, I'll tell you something about me. I'm 18, single and straight , but I support all of you c: I don't judge and I am 100% against bullying. I think everyone is perfect in their own way <3.

I care about everyone, so don't hesitate and come to me when you need someone to talk to. I might only be 17, but I understand a lot, so I'm here for you and I'll hug you if you want. *hugs you* see? ^^

*grabs my phone* Up next, my music! I mostly listen to rock, metal, post-hardcore, screamo and so. Bands? Sure, why not. (O.O did I just answer myself?) ADTR, WATF, Halestorm, Evanescence, Paramore, LP, MP, HU, DBA etc. They rock! ^-^ And if this makes you think I'm emo, No, I am not. I'm just me. Don't like it? Then there ^ is a red button with an x. Go click it!

*looks around* oh, still here? Well then hi c:, I love you already. But now a list of my most important people (actually y'all are ^^):

@xstorylover My bff in real life

@XxDarkAngel16Xx That be Andrew ^.^ or.. was Andrew. RIP </3 You will always have a special place in my heart.

@ILuve1D_X We have a sismance? <3

@Chocolatesunburn That's Daniel! He is amazing and I love him! <3

@CHOCOxSNOOPY Till the end of time, I'll be here for her. She's funny, nice, sweet and a great friend <3

@CARExFREE She's amazing and understands me so well. We love emo boys (who doesn't?) <3

Don't hurt them! I'll go ninja on you in your sleep! *growls* I will.

*waves* Thanks for taking this yourney and I hope you'll talk to me c: I like talking and you. *hugs you* You're amazing too ^^ and always remember: Dare to be different.

Buh byeeee

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ShyLittleGirl ShyLittleGirl Sep 01, 2013 07:28PM
@TheJokerr hihi. Thanks! ^-^ I can also speak some German and French. ._. But not fluently. :) And I do think you're awesome!
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