Another story "The Accidental husband"by @itssanjh is up. Enjoy!


Saanth u Rocked it girl ... loved this selfish n possessive Mr Malhotra


Hey guys, As you all know this year we will be celebrating Edkv's Official Anniversary. A day that comes once in 4 year. We really wanted to celebrate this day with all of you on wattpad but we are quite busy this year. So we are thinking to drop that plan. 
          But if you guys still want us to host Edkv Anniversary Celebration like last two years (we did story marathon n OS's , hope you remember) We are ready for it only if you guys want us to. 
          The theme for this year is - Movie/ Show. That is you have to write a OS which is based on or inspired from any Movie or a TV Show or a book. 
          Writer's have to email us their story till 19 Feb. We'll start posting the stories from 20 Feb. 
          Interested Author's please DM us or comment below. Plz let us know if you are in. 
          Readers do tag EDKV writers below. Help us in spreading words. 
          Feel free to contact us for any queries.. 


@Shramanian Yes I'm writing and hopefully will complete within time. 


@Shramanian Hey, I am writing something, hopefully I will be able to complete it in time... Thank you for your hard work... :)