soo basically i'm 24 and a very lazy person when it comes to everything but music, dance, and writing

if you can't tell from my stories, i'm a bit of an unconventional hopeless romantic. i ADORE love and think it's the greatest thing in the world

singing is my absolute LOVE in life <3 it's all i wanna do, and i plan to make it as a musician one day.

i am currently in school as a political science and criminal justice major, with a minor in forensic psychology

my chemical romance are my absolute idols and have been my favorite band for ten years. i love them and hope to tour with them one day!

i cuss like a sailor. if you can't tell from my stories :)

i LOVVEE halloween. almost anything and everything to do with it

i think life would be so much more interesting as a vampire or a pirate

i can honestly say almost everything i own has to do with pirates, mcr, batman, disney, guitars, or halloween.

i am in love with harley quinn and sailor moon. i think usagi and mamoru have the best love story ever!

tangled are frozen are my favorite movies and make me cry every time <3

i'm extremely for gay and animal rights and tend to get worked up and go on feminist rants all the fuckin time. i love politics

out of all my characters, i'm hands down the most like emi. personality and style mostly, but also we're both bipolar and both like girls!

feel free to message me if you ever want to! i love talking to you guys and getting your opinions on my stories (: and i would love you forever if you comment and vote on the stories you like! <3

AND! i drink juice when i'm killing cause it's fucking delicious!

"live dangerous, be yourselves, and don't ever give a fuck"
- Frank Iero
1/4 of my idols (:

also! due to my bipolar disorder, i have periodic mental or emotional breakdowns that ruin my ability to write. this makes me have to stop and disappear sometimes, but i promise i always give a heads up and come back when i'm ready :)
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    Battery City, 2019
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ShotGunSinner ShotGunSinner 11 hours ago
I'll be responding to all my comments and messages later tonight you guys! I promise i'm not ignoring any of you,  i just haven't had time in a while
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