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Description: I am the rogue daughter of the second most powerful Alpha. I am an underground racer and cage fighter, I guess you all can see how that would get me a lot of money that I never had... I ran away from home two years ago after I shifted. Although I d...

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Clarissa Engelbrecht is a 17 going on 18 year old girl. Her life with boys had been bad but then she met...

Dearest Janie,  I am truly sorry that this has happened to you. It always seems that the great people are always hit the hardest by the ugly people in life, I have sincerely enjoyed your book and hope that you find the strength within yourself to continue and finish this book. maybe then y I u can have some closure about the things that you speak of which the book represents Because if you really read the book you will see what lies within. I myself have stopped writing my books due to lack of interest. I know not everyone can be a great writer but you have a talent which I would hate to see you give up due to others. Please remember that although comments and criticism cannot define who you are.  You are stronger than you give yourself credit for. I would value a friend like you any day.  If you ever just need someone to chat to send me a message. It's not hard to find me ☺

PLEASE READ!!! I am a born and bred South African girl and have lived in Pretoria most my life. I just wanted to help you our on something I read earlier in this book. yes coloured is a race but you do not get a coloured when you mix a black and white db person. The coloureds originated from the koi san or boesmans. I really like this book and just thought maybe I should help you out with some facts.