I'm an avid reader, but not of a lot of stories on wattpad. Call me hypocritical, but if you don't update often, i don't read. Which is hypocritical cause i don't post often. XD Anyways, I love to write. And i hope to be a writer when i grow up. I already have a publisher that says i have potential(good confidence booster). 
Anyways, lets see. I like most types of music, and if you want, tell me songs that you like, maybe i'll check them out. I make my own book covers, but a lot of them are kind of lacking. If you want, try and make one for me. =p
*Shameless plug time* Read my stories? Please? Give feed back too. Good or bad, idc, i'd just like to hear what you think. Just no really pointless troll type things please.
Oh, and if you ever want to talk shoot me a private message, i'll respond. =D
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ShifterChronicals ShifterChronicals Aug 20, 2012 08:11PM
@KurisutaruRivaa  Interesting. I've been in touch with an editor. =p I think besides a few very minor things it was that good. I could edit for you unless you already have an editor.
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