I'm a writer, illustrator, funny lady and geek goddess. Above all, I am a storyteller. I've been an editorial cartoonist, a consumer columnist, an arts-and-entertainment writer, and a comics editor. Today I write and illustrate books for children and teens. In 2006, I won 3rd place in SmartWriter's Write It Now contest in the YA category for Ride of Your Life, and in 2010, I was an ABNA quarter-finalist for Why My Love Life Sucks: The Legend of Gilbert the Fixer. Aside from writing and illustrating, my favorite thing in the world is making someone laugh. 

So far I've published two of my books. Dan Quixote: Boy of Nuevo Jersey is a funny middle-grade novel about friendship and individualism overcoming bullying and peer pressure. It's a retelling of Don Quixote by Cervantes in a modern-day middle-school class. Toren the Teller's Tale is a YA fantasy about the magic of storytelling and one girl's struggle to accept that magic in herself.

Ride of Your Life is a romantic YA ghost story, which was inspired by the 1984 Great Adventure Haunted Castle fire that killed eight young people. Hang on, because love can be the scariest and most exhilarating ride of all. This book should be out in May 2012. Stock up on tissues, because you're going to need them.

Get ready for Why My Love Life Sucks: The Legend of Gilbert the Fixer, which should be out this summer. This hilarious YA novel is about the ultimate geek's ultimate nightmare: being stuck with a gorgeous girl who only wants to be his platonic best friend forever. If you love geeks half as much as I do, you're going to love this novel. Come find out what makes the ultimate geek the ultimate hero.

Read, write, laugh and love life.

All the best,

Shevi Arnold

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