Hi I write sudo-Mary-Sues that go through stuff. If I've taken the time to write anything down it would be because I got bored during classes one day during (most likely) exam week. 

Most of my works are in WIP, and I will admit that I need to at least post links to them sometime; so sorry about that. I might also write fanfiction and put them here but at the moment it will consists of mostly original stuff with way to many descriptive words than needed.

"Yanno, if it were up to me how this shit was done, I wouldn't be in charge of it and put into a position to be making those decisions. But I'm not, and that needs to change. I could decide for myself what to do, but then part of me would begin screaming on the top of his lungs saying why that's a really, really bad idea. That's normal though, it happens a lot." He looked down at his watch, and then back at the machine behind him with a sigh. bad decisions happened a lot for him.
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Sol 111 by SherbetScroll
Sol 111
While on a harmless trip to a local markets, a young Earth child stumbles apron something that they really sh...