☎ Nick Name: Tes or Shea
❀Relationship Status: Married (have cute 2 year old girl)
❀Job: College Student
❀Major: IT - Network Administrator
☎ Other Websites: https://www.facebook.com/shea.ryhai
♔Goals: Finish College in next 3-4 years. Get Job.
♔Other Goals: Finish stories to start publishing after College.
☆Wattpad Goals: Organizing all my works onto one account for future productivity.
☆Completing my 2nd Story.
❀Hobbies: Being a Mom. Writing. House Cleaning. Writing. Cooking New Recipes. Writing.

♛Completed Works:
The Entertainment. Watty Awards 2011 Mystery Thriller top 10.

♞Up Next:
The Creator's Curse

Please leave comments if you want me to update. Feedback is encouraging and more useful than votes. And since Publishing is my goal, incredibly helpful.

✁Shelved Works: (Will Be brought back for Editing and Completion)
The Velveteen Curse
My Brother's Skin Deep
You Don't Want Me Back
Mischievous Magic
Grimoire Girl
Veil of Deceit (Scarlett's Garden)
Trials of Cynthia Greenfield (Diaries of Rachael Black)
Kiss Me Before I Die
Witch Eye
Unpardonable Sins
Give Me Up (The Sa'Kreska)

✎Review/Feedback: If you are honestly looking for feedback on your story to help with your writing than check out Coffee Hunters Book Club on my page and submit a form. That and Offered Critiques Advertisement are the only reviews I do.
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Locked Behind Amethyst Eyes (The Creator's Curse) has reached #116 in Science Fiction! I honestly wasn't expecting it to rise any further lol Thank you to all my readers who voted and left me great c...
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Locked Behind Amethyst Eyes {A Steampunk Adventure} by SheaRyhai
Locked Behind Amethyst Eyes {A Steampunk Adventure} #135 in Science Fiction
It is not a crime to live, but a crime to be poor. To be poor and an orphan even more shameful. Marton barely survived his father's drunken rage before he became an orphan himself. Wrapped in hate and stubborn pri...
Coffee Hunters Book Club [OPEN] by SheaRyhai
Coffee Hunters Book Club [OPEN] Teen Fiction
This is a book club for the sincere of heart seeking active readers for their story; and likewise agreeing to faithfully read and assist other members of this group with their stories. Genres accepted into this cl...
The Entertainment [Watty Awards 2011] by SheaRyhai
The Entertainment [Watty Awards 2011] Mystery / Thriller
[Mystery-Suspense/Romance] Secrets are just another part of Salina White's new life. Ever since she changed her name in order to get revenge for her Dad's death, she's had to do things on her own. But when fate sud...
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