☻i'm a kitchen sink☻

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cocoon - catb

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a lot of anime..

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just doing a lot of editing for prm + pbma

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ShazzaLovesHazza ShazzaLovesHazza Apr 18, 2015 10:31PM
@Civilised_Nerd aw you're very welcome! You really deserve it. Your book is the reason why I'm reading on Wattpad again so thank you for writing such a unique and well-written book :)
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My Assassin

Social data: 5.2K reads. 192 votes. 33 comments.

Description: Ever wondered what it was like to have an assassin? I didn't plan on having one at any point of my life really. It's not really something you choose to have; it's assigned to you by someone else. Someone else...


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Roelle is the girlfriend of Harry Styles and has claimed that title for over four years. Four and a half...

Please Be Mine Again (Jai Brooks)

Please Be Mine Again (Jai Brooks)

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SEQUEL TO PLEASE REMEMBER ME After being cheated on by her ex, Jai Brooks, heart-broken Skylar decides...

Mature Completed
Please Remember Me (Jai Brooks)

Please Remember Me (Jai Brooks)

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After three years, seventeen year old retrograde-amnesiac, Skylar Edwards, finally returns to her childh...

Directioner Problems

Directioner Problems

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If you can relate then you're a Directioner (:

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