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Car Radio - Twenty One Pilots
Mt. Washington - Local Natives
Honeymoon - Lana Del Rey

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My Assassin

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Description: Ever wondered what it was like to have an assassin? I didn't plan on having one at any point of my life really. It's not really something you choose to have; it's assigned to you by someone else. Someone else chooses when you die and instead of doi...

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Annabel is the girlfriend of Harry Styles and has claimed that title for over four years. Three and a ha...

Please.. Remember me... (Jai Brooks FanFic)

Please.. Remember me... (Jai Brooks FanFic)

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All her childhood memory was lost. But could Jai help Skylar bring them back? Will she remember Jai? O...

Please Be Mine... Again? (Jai Brooks Fanfic)

Please Be Mine... Again? (Jai Brooks Fanfic)

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SEQUEL TO PLEASE.. REMEMBER ME.. It's now almost Summer, a few months have passed since 'Jylar' broke u...

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Directioner Problems

Directioner Problems

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If you can relate then you're a Directioner (:

“I was an idiot to think you really cared about me,” I started quietly, but quickly got louder as I continued on. “I really thought I was something special to you. But I’m just another one of the stu...
Uh, let's not forget that he does care for Marnie and YO-FREAKING-LANDA!

“I love Jesse,” I whispered, staring down at the ground. I then looked up at him, not caring if he saw me cry or not anymore. “I would scream it from the rooftops if I could. But my friends hate him...
I swear Jordan is lesbian for Yolanda since she brings her up every chance she gets...
      It's always Yolanda this, Yolanda that.