Heyuu If you're reading this you need to follow me or I'll haunt you foreeever cauuse I'm a ghooost wooo JK I'm a girl obviously  or else why would i be wearing my pink socks now huh why ?? tel me why? (I'm not kidding about haunting you if you don't follow me though) lets get to the important part you can call me shay ( OR ELSE WHY WOULD I BE A GIRLL)  I'm seventeeBla bla bla (this is not really important but whatever...)  
( yo! yes you you're not following me, PRESS THAT BUTTON NOW *smiles innocently after shouting*) thats it for now goodBYE. I said GOODBYE WHY ARE YOU READING THIS

@SshayS is not my account, she is a sick girl who's trying to make me look 'bad' and @ItsShayYay is MY twitter account not hers.

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