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SharonHonyumptewa commented on The Great Escape - 03. Seth

It's sad to say that when we see an overweight kid that we just think he's lazy or doesn't care. We don't stop to think what they're faced with everyday. Or that he knows he's overweight and really does want to do something about it.
      Great insight. 
      I'm glad Seth's trying to help himself, but it is sad that he is trying to hide the fact.
SharonHonyumptewa commented on The Great Escape - 01. Hailey

I remember finals. Forty-five years ago. This brought back those feelings of nerves, nausea, and definite certainty that I had blown every question trying to follow my older sister's brilliant results. In the end, I did great. Your descriptions were so vivid. Hailey seems like she is facing a lot more worrying about benzene. I wish her luck.