Im  from lovely old England... :)
I write fanfiction, and my own storys and at the moment im writing two novels

Fun facts :)
-Im majoring in Psychology
-Im in love with books (non of that e-book nonsence! The whole point of a book is the feel and smell... i think )
-Im slightly a reality TV whore! (if your from england you'll probably no of TOWIE!)

Ermm i suppose thats all thats intresting about me :)

Please read my storys and leave feed back it makes us all feel good :)
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    Preston, Lancashire
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    Nov 30, 2011 10:44PM
Sharnie91 Sharnie91 Jan 06, 2012 11:30PM
@Live1Love1Laugh1Lots aww thankss, england has its ups and down i suppose like everywhere! :) and i dunno, i am contemplating getting one but i go to get one and then turn away thinking eventually we...
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Unseen Dusk

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Description: A Jacob and Nessie Fan-fiction, with a slight twist in the tail. Jacob and Renesmees relationship was destined from the start, jacob is her protector and best friend and she loves him, so they should be togeth...


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