First of all, you are amazing. 


• I'm twenty seven.

• I'm bilingual. (Spanish/English)

• I always see everything in its beauty, I pray you borrow my eyes when you read my works.

• I write - usually, about love - usually with so much cheese, betrayal - usually with a little blood, guns - usually fired just once, death - usually of a loved one, friendship - usually from childhood and women - usually four or less - who save themselves.

• I love serial killers documentaries.

• I don't like happy endings, I don't believe in happy endings.

• I listen to Billie Eilish, Harry Styles, Sia and Ed Sheeran almost every day of my life.

• One of my dreams is to go to London.

• People believe I'm Indian.

• I'm pretty when I cry.

• I have a dark sense of humor - that explains my ugly laugh.

• I sleep when I'm bored - I'm always bored.

• My mum calls me a mess.

• I love stationery maybe a little too much. A bunch of pens, pencils, erasers, and notepads doesn't hurt anyone.

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~ You can follow me, but I'm not going the usual way. ~

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