(Formerly NightFury18)

Your next door neighbor violinist, piano and a little on the guitar. Mostly, I read books more than watching the movie, I can imagine what's happening by just reading the book.

Genres: Action,Adventure,Fantasy,Romance,Sci-Fi,Medieval stories/movies and many more

Genres written: Fan fiction, Romance, Werewolf

Mostly, I like stories with excitement and mystery and also imaginary animals (dragons, werewolves, the like) , fanfic people. I am addicted to K-POP (BTS,GOT7,GG,Red Velvet,Twice, Treasure, mtm) and Anime. I can also speak Tagalog, Bisakol, Filipino, English, little Korean, German and Japanese and Spanish.

Daughter of Poseidon
Zodiac sign: Gemini
Discord: ShardBlue1218#3864
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╚══╝♫ music

I promise to remember Percy
when I eat something blue
I promise to remember Annabeth
when there's a riddle to do
I promise to remember Jason
when I have to make a hard decision
I promise to remember Piper
when beauty is found within
I promise to remember Leo
when I smile to hide the pain
I promise to remember Hazel
when the second time just isn't the same
I promise to remember Frank
when I find it hard to change
I promise to remember Nico
when people think I'm strange
I promise to remember Coach
when I boss people around
I promise to remember Reyna
when I don't let my friends down
I promise to remember Tyson
when I help out a friend
I promise to remember Octavian
when I want someone else's end
I promise to remember Thalia
when there's a group I have to lead
I promise to remember Ella
when I just want to read
I promise to remember Calypso
when I feel I've lost it all
I promise to remember the Gods
when others look so small
I promise to remember Gaia
when I want to rule the world
I promise to remember the HEROES OF OLYMPUS
with every single word
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