~Welcome to the page of an LGBTQ+ supporter! Everyone is welcome, though I think everyone would prefer no hate =xx=~ #TheUTFandomCantDieBecauseILIIIVE-
Ahhh introductions-

Yooo! I'm Sharafloofy, but just call me Shara. I'm your, well, non-average fangirl/shipper/insane child who writes fanfiction and practically lives on Wattpad/the internet. I love ships, and though I live in the country of the Internet, my city is Undertale AUs.
I'm a 'she', thank you! ^^
Please, no hate or you'll be blocked.

I ship the following: (I can't list everything 'cause that'd take everything up-)
X3 My top 5 are Crossmare, Errink, Juntaka, Kreme, and... hm, Wangxian! :D I love shipping too much-

I'm not in many fandoms, only Undertale, FnaF, WC, Anime, and... uh, dunno anymore actually. I'm on the internet, but barely try anything new.

I consider myself trash and have the self-esteem of my IQ. Very low by the way, but my ego is slowly growing. Plez no compliments my ego is already getting into the size of a normal hOOMAN-

I love anime, I watch a lot. I'm getting a lot more into Shounen instead of Shoujo, and if you ever need reccomendations, feel free to ask! Especially if it's... Well, BL ;) But for that, mainly manga than anime. Totally don't have a corner dedicated to that-

I absolutely love writing (it's the only good thing I can do) and reading. All my stories are cliche, by the way, so, uh-

Also, I'm a different person (shy and quiet) in real life. But, mess with my interests or friends, well then. Write your will, because I will turn into my internet self.
I'm also really salty sometimes so...

My life is a trainwreck.

*rolls out of trashcan* It is I!! >:3)) oH NO MY SHIPS FELL OUT TOO OH NO-

~Will let Hisoka step on me and thank him~
~Erwin's eyebrows look better than my future... No duh!~
~Wuxian is best Patriarch boi, fite me abt it fam~
~Dazai, But With Soukoku. Soukoku, But With Chuuya.~
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Sharafloofy Sharafloofy Aug 18, 2019 10:48PM
I got a new computer! Buttttttt- I'm working on a bunch of Oneshots from the anime "Dakaretai Otoko 1-nii Odosarate Imasu" (18+ BL) and I wanna know, should I publish it here onto this account? Becau...
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