Shane Jason Taylor is a fun-loving Libra living in Australia's capital city who enjoys long walks on the beach, sunsets and talking about himself in the third person.  

When he's not being a smartass in the 'About' section of his profile, Shane enjoys writing. Predominantly he works in the genres of fantasy and sci-fi, but he's known to branch out on occasion when the mood or his muse strike. The latter is fond of the fireplace poker as a motivation tool.

Shane spends an awful lot of time listening to music. Because it takes little skill, he's real good at it, too. He's also an avid player of games both tabletop and video (particularly of the strategy and RPG varieties, though he has a soft spot for the Smash Bros series of fighting games), but don't tell his muse. She gets jealous when he spends time not writing, and then the fireplace poker comes out. It's not pretty, but it's usually set to some sweet tunes.

Shane's ultimate goal in life is to be a dragon. Barring that, he's willing to settle for being a multi-millionaire, best-selling author. Any comments, encouragement or critique that can be offered him in pursuit of either one of these goals will be graciously accepted. Knights and other dragon- or author-slayers need not apply.

Want to see what I'm up to, or just want to say hi? Follow me on Twitter ( ) and give me a poke. It may be slow right now, but very shortly there'll be a lot to talk about!
  • Canberra, Australia
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