I love 
          Blood n' roses
          Love tangle
          Wizardess heart
          Lost Alice
          Lost Cinderella
          Destiny ninja 
          Ty for creating those games!!!


I never taught I could find u in wattapad. You know I just love all your games


Love your games!


@ fearmeMORTALS101  ;-; okay... ahm... why? I mean. Why did you do that? ;-; i was getting frustrated when i read that.  ;-; 


@fearmeMORTALS101 I don't understand why you "care" so much for the people who play these games…you think we're stupid, no? So why are you still answering and "insulting" us? I don't understand…


@fearmeMORTALS101 I mean..if you were really a fan why would you say that? To test us? To prank us? What the hell?


@fearmeMORTALS101 Lmfaooo. Honey, ever thought about respecting other people's opinions? What would you do if someone called yaoi some dumb shitt? We play these games for fun. What would you do when someone asks you, why do you watch yaoi? Heh, "To find happiness". Why can't we be godamn happy by playing them? Hmm? Why would it matter if the character doesn't look like us? It's still US that's choosing the paths. 
          Mind your own godamn business.


@fearmeMORTALS101 I'm okay with your opinion, but what we like is what we like. You should respect it too instead of bringing us down.


Lol I'm about to roast your entire existence 


@fearmeMORTALS101  I respect ur opinion but u should also respect other opinions an also SWD hasn't made the design where u create ur own avatar and who care bout what the character looks like?! And who cares if ur boyfriend has the same name as u.